Tips & FAQ

If a pool is properly winterized, it can easily be reopened come swimming season. Most importantly, don't remove the pool cover until you've cleaned the area around the pool. Sweep or hose away debris to prevent it from getting into the pool. Next, use a garden hose to fill the pool to its normal water level. Reconnect everything that was disconnected. Water will need to flow through the circulation system, so open the skimmer line valve. Test the water for its pH level, then shock the pool. It'll take a week or more before the pool gets balanced and becomes swimmable. Leave the pump running 24 hours a day, and reduce the run by only an hour or two each day until the water is balanced.
Many cities and municipalities have different requirements. Check with your local planning and zoning department to find out your specific rules.
Yes, it is highly recommended that you let a pool expert install your new above ground swimming pool. Pool experts have all the tools and knowledge to get the job done right. Let Roscha pools take the worry out of this and you sit back and enjoy!
Most above ground swimming pools are installed in just one day. Roscha pools takes great pride in making sure your pool is properly and neatly installed.
Try to be careful when vacuuming especially with hand vacuums. Do not scrape them against the edge of the pool because that will cause little holes around the outer edge. Also, try to limit the use of automatic cleaners, running them only when the pool needs cleaning and not letting them sit in one spot for too long of a time. Lastly, be sure you don't put hard chemicals directly on the liner. All chemicals must be dissolved before going into the pool.
Above Ground Swimming Pools will typically last between 5-15 yrs. Depending on the quality of the pool and the type of dirt the pool is sitting on.
One step you can take to ensure the longevity of your pool is to not let a leaky liner stay in your pool too long. A leaky liner will eat the wall away. If you notice a leak contact Roscha Pools right away. Another step is to never sit on or jump off the pool rails.